What We Do

We create cinematic brand stories for the health care industry.

We are award-winning filmmakers and commercial producers who bring brand stories to life in a bold, cinematic fashion. We humanize health care brands through compelling narratives, both scripted and unscripted. We use high impact visuals and powerful moments to make an emotional connection. Sometimes we make you laugh, sometimes we make you cry, but we always pull you to the edge of your seat.

We work with agencies and direct clients in one of two primary ways:

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(1) You come to us with a concept and we work with you to produce a commercial, video or video series, that brings the story to life in the most compelling way. We work within your budget and timeline and we make it happen.

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(2) You invite us to the table early in the conceptual process, after the strategy and objectives have been outlined but before the idea has fully taken shape. We work either independently or in collaboration with your team to generate a dynamic approach to telling your brand story through video. And then we execute.


Branded online content, typically series of 3-5 minute webisodes
:30 and :60 commercials
Development / fundraising videos, often longer form for event presentations with shorter versions for online
Recruitment and training videos of varying lengths

Creative Development

Script Development

Web and Broadcast Production

International Production
Editorial / Post Production